IV Infusions

InSpero Medical offers a unique approach to functional medicine. We combine the wisdom of western allopathic medicine and traditional chinese medicine with lifestyle medicine and innovative regenerative medicine techniques.

IV Infusion Therapy

IV infusions are a powerful way to support the body in your quest for optimal health. Whether you are looking to reinforce your immune system before traveling, promote recovery and repair, enhance performance, facilitate detox, or address chronic illness, IV infusions help you achieve profound results in a short amount of time. The intravenous infusion of nutrients, medications, and other therapeutic compounds directly into circulation bypasses the digestive system and the initial pass through the liver. This enables us to reach targeted blood levels which create a robust physiological effect.

For a Clear Mind, Calm Heart, & Strong Body

We offer a variety of IV infusions that include vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other natural compounds that have many research established health benefits such as:

Examples of the Compounds We Use

InSpero Medical offers a wide variety of services to address each angle of your health picture. We combine the wisdom of western allopathic medicine and traditional chinese medicine with lifestyle medicine and innovative regenerative medicine techniques.

Myer’s Cocktail

A mixture of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids such as B vitamins, Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and taurine. These nutrients are essential for a wide variety of cellular and molecular functions. They have immune modulating benefits, anti-inflammatory effects, facilitate detoxification, and more. [1] [2]



Best known as the body’s “master antioxidant,” glutathione plays a powerful role in detoxification and has both protective and regenerative effects. It can help with leaky barriers (like leaky gut, leaky lung, and leaky brain). [2] It protects against Hashimoto’s, other thyroid disorders, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and lung problems.  [3] [4]



From preventing neurodegenerative disease to anti-cancer and longevity effects, resveratrol has a vast array of health promoting functions. This polyphenol is naturally occurring and found predominantly in grape skins. It promotes detoxification, is an anti-inflammatory, and even acts as a natural antidepressant. [5] 

If you are interested in a comprehensive breakdown of the research on resveratrol please check out this article.



Loved by biohackers for its anti-aging benefits, NAD+ has been shown to benefit lifespan and healthspan. It is essential for energy metabolism, DNA repair, and immune activation. It helps regulate circadian rhythm and prevent/improve age-related diseases. [6]

This article on Found My Fitness discusses the science behind NAD+ and its role in health in great detail.


Custom Solutions

Each IV infusion is prescribed by your doctors with your complete health picture in mind.

InSpero Medical Functional Integrative Medicine work with you to build a program that fits your unique needs.

To help us provide the best possible care, we require all IV infusion patients to be established Functional Medicine patients.

Please contact InSpero Medical Functional Integrative Medicine for a complete list of available compounds.